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Please unhook or wait in the Winn Dixie parking lot.  Please call Margaret at 863-458-0346 for entrance code to park.

All of the lots and homes at Camp Florida are now privately owned.  As such, rental rates can differ between properties.

RV Sites

Because the park is totally privately owned, the home and lot rental prices vary.  Lot rentals can vary from $980/month to $1,150/month.  Home rentals are usually in the $2,000/month range.  Check campflapoa.org for more information. Sorry, no tents, pop-ups, bus conversions, converted utility trailers, or truck campers are permitted.  Campers with pets are permitted in pet circles only and must walk dogs in pet circles.  Two dogs, 20 lbs. or less, are allowed.

Contact Us

Interested in lot rentals?   Call us by clicking the link below or send us an email at info@campflaresort.com

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