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Buy or rent one of the many homes at Camp Florida Resort. Many properities have been upgraded with new amenities and sunrooms!




Come park your trailer on one of our spacious pads or rent one from us.




Our unique circle design allows for extra space between lots. Rent or buy a lot for your trailer or home.


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Some things keep me up at night - like not being in the top 3 Google searches. Please help us out by going to Google, typing in "Camp Florida RV Resort," and click on "Reviews" on the right-hand part of the page. Then please show us your love by telling the world what you think of Camp Florida RV Resort. Thanks! ...

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Shell rock roads built by pine woods and dumpsters. No more rattling! ...

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Skinny Dipping Point - newly re-opened - serene picnic & beach area at Camp Florida RV Resort, accessible by foot and golf cart. ...

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